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W.H.R No 6 Four Wheel Passenger / Brake  Coach kit
 As with all of our other kits all castings, buffers,  axleboxes and all steel wheel; sets are included. The full size version  from 1993, construction of this coach was a private project, during which time it was numbered '4'. The intention was to rebuild a Royal Navy (RNAD) box van as a four-wheel coach, humorously nicknamed ‘Operating Managers Observation Saloon’ and ‘The Gin Palace’. Suggestions for its purpose included fitting as a brake coach, or specialisation for access by people with disabilities. Sadly, the original project lost momentum. Recently, this coach was adopted by the WHR Company to augment its small fleet. After an energetic effort this Spring (2005), the coach has now been restored to running order. The coach is popular with visitors, especially family groups and in wet weather.
Dimensions :- Length 205 mm  width 115 mm  height 135 mm 
Available in 32 mm or 45 mm gauges 

W.H.R No 6 Four Wheel Passenger / Brake  Coach kit

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