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Talyllyn Carriage No 18 Coach Kit
In the 1950`s the railway was very short of closed carriages and there was a need for some superior vehicles with full seating and full protection from the weather. Coach party traffic was increasing and required a better standard of accommodation than the railway could provide. Designs for such a carriage were commenced in 1959 based on the outline of the Glyn Valley carriages. Construction started in 1961 as a volunteer project with the body to be built in sections in Coventry and the under frame and bogies at Pendre. Assembly commenced in 1963 and the carriage was put into traffic in 1965 and the carriage remains in traffic today virtually as built almost fifty years ago. As your can see the quality of the kit is top notch and all of the kits are complete with all castings, axlboxes, bogies, buffers and steel wheel sets. As we believe that a complete package is important so you do not need to buy any other parts. They are scaled to look good behind your steam or electric loco! All that you need to complete is a little time, glue and paint
Dimensions :- Length 490 mm  width 110 mm  height 130 mm 
Available in 32 mm or 45 mm gauges £110.00

Talyllyn Carriage No 18 Coach Kit

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