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Plate Frame Simplex
Using the same metal chassis and lower superstructure as the Caravan, but with completely different bodywork and detailing, the model is a substantial weight and will haul a considerably bigger load than the   prototype could ever manage! Many hundred of these little Simplexes were manufactured during the 1930's to the 1950's and used for a huge variety of tasks in factories, quarries and mines all over the world.  Many have been restored, many more survive, some still in daily use!
This particular model is of the 20/26 hp petrol engine version, now a very rare sight as most have been converted to diesel power, something that can easily be achieved on the model.
The new kit is of all-metal construction using both pre-cut brass and white metal castings with a wealth of detail.  Fully illustrated instructions are included and the kit is easy to build using either low-melt solder or epoxy resin.  Only simple hand tools are required for assembly and the kit comes complete with a ready built chassis with battery holders and switches; all the builder needs to supply is paint, solder or glue, and batteries (2xAAA)
Plate Frame Simplex Kit 32 mm or 45 mm gauge Dimensions are Length 135 mm Width 60 mm Height 65 mm

Plate Frame Simplex

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