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Lowered Ashbury summer Coach Kit
 Built for the North Wales Narrow Gauge Railways became Welsh Highland Railway property in 1923 and was reduced in height to fit the FR loading gauge. Became Ffestiniog Railway property (in exchange for three bogie wagons) in 1926. Prior to this exchange, this carriage had been WHR No 24. Subsequent to the exchange, the number "24" was allocated to Ashbury "Corridor" No. 23, re-establishing the division between FR and WHR stock in the combined stock list. No 23 returned to FR service in 1955 and full doors fitted in 1966. Refurbished in 2002 and returned to the WHR  As with all of our other kits all castings, buffers,  axleboxes and all steel wheel; sets are included.
Dimensions :- Length 465 mm  width 115 mm  height 125 mm
Available in 32 mm or 45 mm gauges £100.00

Lowered Ashbury summer Coach Kit

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