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Lister loco Kit
The Lister is just about as basic as a locomotive can get!  Four wheels, an engine, a seat and enough sundry pieces of angle iron to hold them all together.  They were and still are, used in many countries throughout the world as a cheap and cheerful workhorse.  Our Lister kit has been produced to a high standard featuring an all steel chassis.  All detailing parts are white metal making the kit easy to complete without the need for special tools, and with an all up weight of 11.oz it can pull a surprisingly heavy load, although the prototype would struggle with more than three laded skip wagons.
The kit comes complete with everything you need except for glue, paint and batteries (two AAA cells)
Dimensions are L 120 mm W 65 mm H 65 mm
Lister kit 32 mm 45 mm gauge

Lister loco Kit

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