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 Lasercut Freelance  IP 26 Open Cattle Wagon Kit
Can your railway transport your livestock? if the answer is no then this New wagon will prove a very reliable and useful part of your fleet. This model is of freelance design which would look right behind your steam loco. This kit as with all of our kits are now laser cut for accuracy, consistency and detail and allows you to construct a lovely model to a very high standard. Inside this kit is complete with steel wheels 32 mm gauge or 45 mm gauge axle boxes and cast centre couplings so you can be reassured that with an IP Engineering Kit all you have to supply is paint, glue and time! This kit has been very competitively priced at £45.00
Dimensions Width 95 mm height 100 mm length 224 mm
Available in 32 mm or 45 mm gauge please state when ordering.

Lasercut Freelance  IP 26 Open Cattle Wagon Kit

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