Freelance Two Compartment / Guards Coach Kit
Following the success of our classic range of coaches we have brought them into the 21 century by the use of our two laser cutting machines. It allow us to cut and manufacture coach kits that gives you the best quality and an unbeatable price also because of this new technology they require no sanding of joints or cutting as they all fit together to give a very accurate and crisp piece of rolling stock. As your can see the quality of the kit is top notch and all of the kits are complete with all castings, axlboxes, bogies, buffers and steel wheel sets. As we believe that a complete package is important so you do not need to buy any other parts. They are scaled to look good behind your steam or electric loco! All that you need to complete is a little time, glue and paint. Length 295 mm x width 130 mm height 130 mmAvailable in 32mm or 45mm gauge (please state when ordering)

Freelance Two Compartment / Guards Coach Kit

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