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Fowler Railbus
This kit is a freelance design of a railbus that would have been typically used for the conveyance of passengers from village to village whilst using the local Quarry network. This kit is manufactured in house and uses our laser cutters which  now cut without leaving any black edge like other laser cut kits so paint is easy to apply this is achieved by shielding the beam with a inert gas and thus stops oxidisation and burning of the edges.
The kit comes complete with all that is required eg, wheels, motor ,wiring switches etc. The bonnet is made up from metal castings which adds weight over the driving wheels. It is powered by two AAA batteries but can easily be converted to track power in required (45 Gauge only 32 Gauge required please order 45 gauge and re gauge wheels)
32 or 45 gauge available please state when ordering
Dimensions :- Width 90 mm Length 240 mm Height 125 mm

Fowler Railbus

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