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Darjeeling LadiesTrolley Kit
This trolley is a representation of a typical 3rd class ladies trolley running from 1900 to 1930. It was not considered proper for ladies to travel with the men so these trolleys were constructed because they provided more protection from the elements but photographic evidence show that men quite often used them too. We at IP Engineering linked up with Peter@yatton model engineering to bring you this fine model. The kit is manufactured to the highest standards using the latest up to date laser cutting machines and at an unbeatable price also because of this new technology they require little or no sanding of joints or cutting as they all fit together to give a very accurate and crisp piece of rolling stock. All of the kits are complete including all detail castings, brass wheel bearings, cast buffers,and steel wheel sets insulated for 45 mm gauge modellers. As we believe that a complete package is important to you so you do not need to buy any other parts. All you need to complete is a little time, glue and paint. The kit is available in 45 mm or 32 mm gauge 
Dimensions are length 150 mm width 87 mm height  120 mm     

Darjeeling LadiesTrolley Kit

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