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Darjeeling first generation Passenger coach
This new five compartment coach kits have been designed to make the building of fully paneled wooden coaching stock much easier than in the past, and much less time consuming to construct. The coach sides and ends being supplied with the details ready machined in two very accurate layers.  This has been made possible by the use of sophisticated, computer controlled routing machines that have done all the hard work for you!  No special tools or skills are required for assembly; it is just as easy to build as a conventional  wooden coach and can be finished in either paint or varnish.
The kit includes everything you need to construct the coach except for glue, paint or varnish.  Door handles, door and roof ventilators and glazing are all included, and the kit comes with comprehensive illustrated instructions.  Wheels are turned steel and cast bogies are included.
Dimensions are L 400 mm W 100 m H  127  mm
Available from stock 32 and insulated 45 mm gauges. 

Darjeeling first generation Passenger coach

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