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Colonial Rail Bus Kit
Our rail bus kit is of freelance design but what is common in the colonies around the world to transport people, livestock and goods from small village to village you must have seen them on TV these are normally built using a lot of bus of lorry parts but make up to a useful tool in full size and also on your railway. The kit is made up from laser cut high quality ply  which is cut out so no sanding to size is required and 3D printed parts like the luggage rack, gearbox etc. It has a cast metal bonnet and the kit includes all that is required to finish the model powered by a powerful 280 motor running through around heavy duty 30:1 gears onto steel wheels all seating is included 

Dimensions Length 275 mm Height 145 mm Width 100 mm
Avaliable in 32 mm gauge or 45 mm gauge

Colonial Rail Bus Kit

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