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Clemison's Coach 1st/2nd Class kit
working six wheelers Four coaches were ordered in 1879 with two passenger compartments. Details do not exist so these are based on the subsequent 4 wheelers which were possibly cannabalised from the six wheelers.
Dimensions length 300mm Width 90mm Height 130mm (32mm or 45mm gauge)

These six wheelers were the first coaching stock that the DHR ordered to replace the trolleys that were becoming impractical for passenger traffic. Unfortunately they were not a great success derailing some five times on their inaugural run on 3rd July 1881. Because of this they were converted into goods wagons and were still in use some 16 years later.
Fear not, the flaw in the design that caused the derailing on the Darjeeling track has been engineered out and these vehicles go round 3ft radius curves in the way the original designer intended. we at IP Engineering linked up with Peter@yatton model engineering to bring you this fine model. The kit is manufactured to the highest standards using the latest up to date laser cutting machines and at an unbeatable price also because of this new technology they require little or no sanding of joints or cutting as they all fit together to give a very accurate and crisp piece of rolling stock. All of the kits are complete including all detail castings, brass wheel bearings, cast buffers,and steel wheel sets insulated for 45 mm gauge modellers. As we believe that a complete package is important to you so you do not need to buy any other parts. All you need to complete is a little time, glue and paint.

Clemson's Coach 1st/2nd Class kit

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