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7/8ths Scale 2 Compartment 2nd Class Coach Kit (Duel Gauge 32mm or 45)

due to the incress of 7/8th modellers we have decided to relaunch our 2 comp coach kit to feel the water and see if there is a demand for these kits. we have made avalible a limited number so buy now as if it dose not sell in any numbers we will discontinue it and concentrate on our main scale. we have many kits in the range and if this one sell in small volume we will slowly relaunch the others.

they are complete kits including cast door furniture, steel wheels ,brass bearings and couplings so you do not have to surch for parts to finish of the kit


dimensions are :Length 300mm Width 150mm Hight 180mm

Duel Gauge you set gauge required  32mm or 45mm

2 comp kit with insulated glass filled nylon wheels        £70.00

2 comp kit with adjustable steel wheels       £80.00

7/8ths Scale 2 Compartment 2nd Class Coach Kit

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