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A standard  motor that we use in a lot of our products. 

High torque miniature DC motor with operating range 1.5 to 6.0V.
Suitable for educational and modelling applications.
Rotation is clockwise as viewed from shaft end.
Nominal voltage: 3.0V
Operating range: 1.5-6.0V
No load speed: 9600 RPM ±10%
No load current: 0.25A
Speed at max. efficiency: 7790 RPM
Current at max. efficiency: 1.14A
Output: 1.58W
Torque: 19.9g-cm
Stall torque: 110g-cm min.
Stall current: 5.2A max.
Dimensions: L: 30.5 (exc. shaft) x 24mm dia.
Shaft length 10 x 2.0mm dia.
Weight 42g approx

280 1.5-6 volt motor

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